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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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the issue is that so much of it is a huge decision on the market for use at least seven issues again building settlements for jews only in the office. putting any kind of peace process in serious doubt. a presidential election in one of the world's fastest emerging powers has for a second round we have the latest from brazil. president because i'm sure it was not only go beyond diplomatic sent the downright indecent president medvedev goes all mind to condemn recent anti russian rhetoric from bell the roost and stresses it must not in fact relations between the two neighbors. and britain is becoming
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increasingly dissatisfied with the e.u. overbearing influence that's according to the freedom zone bill maher just a vent on the fringe of the conservative party conference. plus that russian athlete wins the hand to hand fighting world cup finals in the u.s. we look into what has made this soviet conceive sport a worldwide smash. and coming up in the business of day we'll be talking to the head of deutsche your pulse d.h.l. to see how the company pounds to prosper in the digital age join us in about twenty minutes time. live from our headquarters in central moscow you're watching our team with me and he said now way it's two pm here in the russian capital seven am in sao paolo and brazil's presidential election is set for
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a second round runoff the ruling party candidate and prepare all hot favorite dumas herself failed to secure the fifty percent needed for outright victory lauren live star reports from sao paolo. brazil is one of the only countries who has managed its way out of the financial crisis and to a growing a quick clip that other countries would envy they're expected to grow seven point five per cent this year it's the largest economy in south america the largest a second largest economy in the western hemisphere and part of the bric block of brazil russia india and china there seem to symbolize the shift in global economic power from the g seven developed nations to the developing world of which all of them are newly advanced economies that are seen as holding great potential so certainly everyone is looking to this election to see what direction the leader will take the economy people will have to wait and see because it will go to a run on he run off to dilma rousseff who was expected to carry out lula da silva is policies she is his anointed successor she was expected to win and i did not
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happen she did not lock down the votes so she'll go to a runoff with jose serra the opposition candidate and they have really different attitudes towards both the economy and foreign policy so what will happen on october thirty first in that runoff will make a difference if you talk to people in the political world who deal in diplomacy or trade or the economy they say before lula brazil had a self-confidence pro problem and he was really the first leader who stepped up to the international plate and said we are a player and we are going to matter and really held court diplomatically and broker trade ties but if you talk to people at home here what brazilians what average brazilians would say his crowning achievement is is helping to narrow the vast gap between the rich and poor in this country and to get a better sense of that and what they were hoping for and vilma his hope to be successor we've been out here in brazil reporting and there's a look at what's going on. on the streets of brazil
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after eight years of this work a miracle because he's. spread pretty close to the people people lined up to decide the next chapter of frederick out i hope that the mayor candidate a woman will make history in my country. that has summed up the loudest voice on the streets and in the polls ahead of the elections for a new head of state while many credit the outgoing one. was starting a silent revolution for the poor. head of election day it was heard loud and clear they believe his hand-picked successor is the one to continue fighting for and here she is doing the rousseff lulu's choice for president a little known bureaucrat his chief of staff who rose up to against the dictatorship when she was young. she promises to lead the country down the same road as her mentor. what's changed in this last years is in the poor neighborhoods for the lower class because the other governments just pretended to help it's lula
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brazil's president that brings all of these people into the street in his name there screaming but as to whether jill but his successor would be able to continue what he started in this country when you talk to people they believe one hundred percent that she is the one what do you want with brazil is going to continue to rise though his confidence has helped popularity some activists familiar with lula's politics past and present aren't convinced record for i think she's going to have some difficulties because dilma doesn't have the same history lula has and in a country that was long a colony and where the years until lead the rich and elite still held the power for some in that world a dilma presidency would be. terrible for me terrible without horizons very sad and black horizons you have to have people with academic culture and not popular culture in upscale neighborhoods it's the leading opposition candidate who most closely fits that description and appears favored at those polls jose serra is
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a more conservative choice. you know so i use a little government has been constantly role he's aligned himself with people who are democratic. hugo chavez. but in the. brazil what you don't see or hear. is the brazil that is in power a world you see now and the bellows this one's we're looking from it's important for you to be able to choose the future of your country once invisible to the world now one can go to the duma because they are people who before lula had no voice may now continue writing their own songs. lauren lyster r.t. polo. live from moscow you're with r t still to come for you this hour the legacy of k.g.b. trying. to mess up that russian special forces news involves gone bad for
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stuff like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet we explore why hand to hand fighting is not just fascinating for spectators but also great for self-defense. and he may be considered europe's last dictator but he's faced something of a dictating to me that a majority of slams the belorussian president's recent anti russian rhetoric but said it must not in fact relations between the peoples of the two countries that's one of the messages in the russian president's video blog are too sour firth's has more. and if it is a bloke we can hear president. making specific reference to the election campaign in batteries and saying that it's based almost entirely on entourage and slogans and i should say shouldn't russia's own willingness to provide support and also direct criticism to the russian leadership so the person motivated his use his behavior in the past often to deal with the cold topics such as this and this time
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we've heard him using it as over stones to washington leadership such as ations and actions recently but his main point being that really rather than making an enemy of russia they'd be much better place to be fixing on their internal issues. but. president lukashenko is entering this not only go beyond diplomatic sent downright indecent he's obviously concerned about a lot of things which bringing order to our economy russian journalist talking about a russian opposition even what happens to some of our retired and some time officials the president it seems should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of delhi russian citizens but russia like other countries is concerned over these people. the president is considered a controversial leader and this right in russia which recently is so seen as like having the creating tensions and actually this is being described as
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a feature of the russian leadership at this creation of an external enemy in the public consciousness that the worse in the past this is easy directed at the us on the west in general that this time it seems as russia has become the main target another thing the person with addresses in his book he talks about the fact that the better russian people are still considered russia's closest neighbors and actually they took a shared history a shared culture and he also makes it very clear that despite the tensions in the capital. with things that. against the speech mother russia has provided support both in the past and we. i'm deeply convinced that russia always has and will consider to be the closest of its neighbors we are united by a long shared history culture common joys and griefs good neighborhood has been the reason we've been helping belarus ever since the fall of the soviet union twenty years ago the scope of our aid effort no matter what people might say has been huge
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this year alone we've made discounts on oil shipments to bella roost worth approximately two billion dollars in total shipments to have been subject to committal concessions the reason we did that was because we sincerely believe that our nations were inseparable this is why i was extremely surprised to see the bill of russian authorities have lately taken up and he russian rhetoric. in the summer thought to be one of the main problems that have caused the sudden suddenly over relations between the other eastern russia and we know that what happened there was. cut off transit routes for the supply of oil and gas and thirty essentially that she was a result but it's certainly one of the things that seem to give rise to the sudden increase in this anti russian with tarik but the overall point the person making this focus was saying much better rather than making an enemy of russia to be
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focusing on the problems internally. party sarah furthur well you can hear yourself and watch to me three men three times video blog and fall on our website r.t. dot com as well as on our you tube channel. more news today is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter all day. should britain continue its relations with the e.u. when our civil liberties that threat in the u.k. is of the tough questions that are being raised at the freedom zone or today gathering on the sidelines of the conservative party conference parties or am it is in birmingham for us the main event obviously here in birmingham is the
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conservative party conference is the first conference since coming to power in forming a coalition government in may and top of the agenda that is undoubtedly budget cuts which are being implemented throughout europe as a response to the european debt crisis and they're talking about how to explain them to a population which is really already suffering on the high unemployment on struggling public services here at the freedom saying they we are talking about going to need ration of civil liberties and one of those threats to civil liberties is undoubtedly perceived to be here is the overarching bureaucracy of the european union and it's hard to really to imagine a better time for grief if you're a skeptic to me that we had a summer of relative quiet in europe but just in the last week we saw rise in demonstrations again all over europe a hundred thousand people reportedly gathered in brussels alone to protest the austerity measures that being implemented as a response to the debt crisis. will say it's closer to devote towards the end of
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last week it was announced that the cost of rescuing island banks had risen to fifteen billion euros and that means that it now has a budget deficit ten times each you go it blind and the highest amongst developed vegetable it's economies now all these things are of course a threat to the erase and there are threats to the pain union as an economic union as a whole really and some freedoms and think that that is in fact a good thing that the e.u. scope to unfold in individual countries children see and really has to be turned into something slightly different that's it more about that i'm joined by harry cole also known as tour effect he's become one of the u.k.'s most influential political broker. now what do you think about the relationship with the. lot of. cameron was a year and. much of. that i think. i think.
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he. would jump. you know he's not talking about it. but i think i think. and i think start to see. we're witnessing the political fall of europe and the continent won't be able to stay in the international arena without outside help so says french historian and then done cos who gave an interview to r.t. that's coming your way in just over twenty minutes but here's a quick preview. for the entire history of international relations is moving away from europe it's played out in asia even the u.s. at the syfy countries were focusing its foreign policy on asia where of the huge
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countries that will play the big roles located in asia now wants the current state of european asian relations europe is of no interest to asia and if we view europe as a latin reaches the pacific ocean russia and europe are not at home but if we picture them as in the lion's den we can say europe reaches the pacific. but usually. accord in thailand has ruled that the extradition of the above russian arms dealer viktor boot to the us must be postponed it was wanted in the us on terrorism related charges he's been in jail in bangkok since march two thousand and eight thomas has more details for us this hour hi sean it looks like there is still no end in sight in this case what happens next well at this point i mean it is unclear what happens exactly next how the united states has been trying to get victor boot and have him extradited to the united states for quite some time in fact since two
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thousand and eight in march when he was arrested in a hotel in bangkok and in fact in august august twentieth of this year the high court in thailand said that it was possible for brooke to be extradited so it looked like everything was set for united states if convicted in these states on the charges that he was indicted for the boot would be receiving life imprisonment however as a backup plan because this is an international crime an international court or what have you. it's kind of a political chess game as a backup plan just in case the high court did not rule in the united states favor us filed extra charges and it's those extra charges that are hampering of things at this moment in time because the high court ruled that a victor boot should be extradited to the united states asked if those second charges could then be dropped so that they could expedite the the the process however a court ruled that those charges cannot be dropped because they are now part of the time political or the court system in thailand right now so it's
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a waiting game what we do know is that it delays the entire process and it could go on indefinitely sean take us back a bit why does the u.s. want to extradite it in the first place victor boot is a former air force officer who claims he is a legitimate businessman but he's a long been suspected of being one of the most notorious and prolific arms dealers in the world in supplying arms to different conflict zones around the world in fact he's nicknamed the merchant of death by some now in two thousand and eight in march in bangkok there was a sting operation where u.s. agents arrested him or set up. agents who posed as a fork members to buy arms from him at that point he was arrested but he was arrested in thailand which started this process to have him extradited to the united states has been that long that they've been trying to make this happen and of course in august it was ruled that he could be extradited but now of course there's a wrench in the works if you will so it's
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a wait and see and of course we'll be keeping you updated as developments as they come along will indeed for now sean thomas live in moscow. let's take a look now at some world news in brief for you this hour militants have set fire to at least twenty nato oil tankers in northern pakistan reportedly killing three people in the process authorities say about a dozen attackers stormed the depot where the trucks were preparing for departure this is the second such attack in the past few days it comes amid. strained relations between nato and pakistan stemming from a cost for a raid that left three pakistani soldiers dead. a un conference on climate change has opened in northern china the delegates hope to bridge differences ahead of the annual summit in mexico later this year to go shaders are trying to avoid the failure of copenhagen in two thousand and nine when no consensus could be reached on a legally binding agreement ultimately the talks aimed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and find a replacement for the kyoto protocol which expires in twenty twelve. a
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sport conceived in the soviet union has finally gone international with the hand to hand fighting finals being held in the u.s. for the first time now it may be challenging but it's also highly effective so much so even russian special forces are trained in it always up for a challenge are to you guys can prepare for battle. for comedian a louis hand to hand fighting is still new. he mostly does judo and teaches time i box saying but this russian born sport takes the best that laments of many fighting to compete. when you think about it it's more real than anything else plus has an artistic aspect to it which is you don't get to spend a lot of times on the floor which is boring. and real it is the k.g.b. use this method of fighting it's now taught to russian special forces and it's
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a growing sport and with this going international. program developed by the k.g.b. to this one another try to think because of the k.g.b. guys i mean it's a real game unlike in mixed martial arts russian hand to hand fighting has rules and limitations which newcomers are still getting used to he shot and lost the fight against an american compadre. more than enough to win i came back from you know i was down in points and came back and then. but it's not so bad as long as the girls are happy the boys we like the boys and definitely when they get all sweaty and the shirts start coming a little bit coming our six packs i was always curious what's on the mind of the hot and sweaty guy when his on the merit maybe girlz meet one of today's winners russian you go out or if you don't think about anything but your next move once you
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get distracted in anything except the fights your your mind has to be clear also distract one more thing you should never allow the thought that you're losing if you have the slightest guarantee that you will lose an idea which could be applied to any situation in life the president of the hand to hand fighting federation says it's not the kind of sport that's only for the sake of sport. this sport teaches how to fight right unlike mixed martial arts we just get out there and punch the other guy as hard as you can it's more about technique one day it may help you stand up for yourself and your loved ones if needed. did i mention he sean is also a lawyer in the making is just one day he decided he was going to stand up for himself and demand that that russian special forces move involves gone bad for stuff like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet and it's not just fun to
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watch actually a lot of the moves are pretty useful for self the fans for a girl like me and christian is going to teach me something good something really simple i'm going to personally hands on you ok so use you need to push from one elbow. and you come with your right you see the photos on this earth to show you i use my left which is my weak my head and i come back with the right ok other than. fighting for our tea in the state of pennsylvania. well that wraps up our new spot here in our to charlotte is here next with the business. hello welcome to the business program here on r.t. the world's biggest diamond producer may hold an i.p.o. is the early is next year but first the government of your cool to your region must change the law so that our also may restructure itself as
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a public company and also a quarter of its share for as much as two prove three billion dollars the money will be spent to update and expand its lines j.p. morgan's body the company up to nine billion dollars that's a fraction of the work of its major rivals who have a broader range of mining activities has been discussing its possible i p o two years as a management considering london hong kong in toronto stock markets. now russia's large second largest mobile phone operator vimpel com may merge its assets with an egyptian company is close to finalizing a seven a billion dollar deal with entrepreneur and i give so wearies which would make the firm the world number five in mobile services the border vimpel comic i am today on sunday to vote on a merger the deal is estimated six billion dollars as well as fifty one percent of egypt's orus com telecom the deal would include italian operator in return so
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wearisome may receive a twenty percent stake in dimple com. time see how the markets that are for me now european stocks are continuing to slide despite strong results in the u.s. over the weekend carmakers diamond and b.m.w. both fell sharply down one percent and not from six percent respectively with b.m.w. still reeling from a car recall announced on friday. and here in moscow the markets are hovering in the black this hour echoing global sentiment shares a tightly mixed among the main players of investors not making any big moves so far is among the biggest losers sliding point seven percent. moving to the qantas three now and after of our sales rose by more than a third in the first nine months of the year supporting the come. he's pledged to return to profit in two thousand and ten the russian economy they sold about three hundred seventy thousand cars in the period thirty six percent more than the same time last year the company's benefited from
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a successful cash for clunkers program in russia unsubsidized loans from the government. and staying with the automobile industry and i'm a commercial start assembling with sadie's benz trucks in russia the first truck was assembled on monday at the polls in the burgeoning cheli on the folder he said he spends trucks are still a joint venture between don lemon was called can assemble all files and five hundred vehicles a year and other models will be introduced at the market expands. you know the news one of europe's oldest male operators is thriving dortch appalls d.h.l. says all mine shopping is boosting its business around the world c.e.o. frank appelle spoke to business r.t. about the company's transition from the mail coach to the digital age. we think there is a future for the classical mad business you know it's declining by volume but it's in the very important infrastructure for a for a for the german country and therefore i have no doubt that it will be successful but what we had during this we had
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a new services in two ways one is the possible business due to the mail order boom we have in the western world which is starting now taking place as well in russia that people are wanting in from a distance goods because we can't get access to that and that's an interesting development possibility and russia and the second is that we transfer the quality of our product in the real world which is a confidential security letter into the internet world you know at the moment you can communicate confidentially we have a party because you know in the whole internet world and everybody can catch hero email and read it and we will provide a service but nobody can catch the e-mail and it's just a provider you know just a sender and disappear and you can read the e-mail of the whole way it's encrypt how do you see the post operating in say twenty fifty is definitely the post will be different but the fundamental will still remain you know all a product or a letter has survived five hundred years i have no doubt that it will survive at
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least the next hundred years or maybe two hundred years because there will always be a need for paper communication even in the future you know i can imagine any situation that everything will be virtual you know they're still you know there will be still paper on the wall to a sizable scale so therefore there will be still the the old classical part of physical mail delivery but it will be added by a lot more volume and possibles and i can imagine that good skin be beans your log in the you know you know enterprise order and call that you know be space enterprise or use face of enterprise you know that will not happen. in at least in our in our lifetime that people are able to send goods from b. internet for there would be a huge increase in volumes in that dimension. the measure up date for this outbreak can always buy more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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